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Race Day Alamo Julep

Ingredients 1 1/2oz. Alamo Black Label Bourbon 1/2 oz. simple syrup 12 mint leaves Directions Combine all ingredients in shaker with ice Shake like it owes you money! Pour (don’t strain) into a Julep Glass (Bonus Points = substitute peach…

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cinnamon maple whiskey sour

Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

Ingredients 1 1/2oz. Alamo Black Label Bourbon 1oz. lemon juice 1/2oz. maple syrup pinch of cinnamon, optional Directions In an ice-filled shaker, combine  bourbon, lemon juice, maple syrup and cinnamon Shake like there is no tomorrow! Strain into an ice-filled…

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Alamo Ginger Smash

Ingredients 1 1/4oz Alamo Black Label Bourbon Fresh grated ginger (Bonus Points = 1/2 tsp ginger paste) 3/4 oz Fresh Orange Juice Directions Combine all ingredient into a shaker filled with ice Shake vigorously.  Keep going. Seriously….keep going. (Bonus Points…

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spice of life lemonade

Spice of Life Lemonade

Ingredients 1 1/2oz. Rasta Bob Coconut Rum 1/2oz. South Town Chamoy Spirit 3oz. lemonade splash of ginger ale Directions Start with an ice-filled glass Combine ingredients and give it a mix (Bonus Points if add edible glitter to give it…

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Alamo Blackberry Fizz

Ingredients 1 1/4oz Alamo Black Label Bourbon 2 dashes orange bitters 1 Tbsp. blackberry preserves 1/2 tsp. honey Directions Mix all ingredients into a highball glass over ice Top with seltzer (Bonus Points = mix ingredients first, then add ice…

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donkey lady

The Donkey Lady

Ingredients 1 1/2oz. Alamo Vodka 1/2oz. South Town 4oz. ginger ale 2oz. lime cucumber gatorade Directions Combine ingredients into an ice-filled glass Gently stir and enjoy! (Bonus Points: use a copper mug and garnish with chamoy and Tajín seasoning beforehand)

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Blueberry Lemon Martini

Ingredients 2oz, Alamo Vodka 1/2oz lemon juice 1/2oz. simple syrup Fresh blueberries Directions Combine a few berries, and other ingredients into shaker tin Shake and pour into a martini glass Garnish with additional blueberries (Bonus Points = soak blueberries overnight…

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soto cosmo

SoTo Cosmo

Ingredients 1 1/2oz. Alamo Vodka 1/2 oz. South Town 1oz. cranberry-mango juice 1/2oz. agave syrup Directions Mix ingredients together Pour into an ice-filled glass (Bonus Points = garnish with a lime wedge and chamoy rim)

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alamo hot toddy

Alamo Hot Toddy

Ingredients 2oz. Alamo Black Label Bourbon 2 tbsp (1oz.) agave syrup 1oz. lemon juice Directions Start with a mug Combine ingredients, add hot water, and give it a mix (Bonus Points if you float a slice of lemon on top)

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